Horsey Seal Norfolk
Seal pups at Horsey should be viewed from a distance.

If you want to see grey seals in Norfolk then Horsey is a great place to view them. Horsey is a part of the Winterton-Horsey Site of Special Scientific Interest and visitors to the area are often treated to fantastic sights of seals and their pups. The area was notified as a SSSI in March 1989 under section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The Friends of Horsey Seals are an example of the significance of volunteer groups to the conservation effort and they do a great deal of good work in this area, catering to the needs of the animals. The seals are particularly vulnerable during the winter breeding season. As a testament to the effort put into the area it has been well reported in the press that record numbers of seals were born last year, nevertheless great care should be taken when visiting the site, especially when taking the dog for a walk in this beautiful part of the county. The Friends of Horsey Seals have useful guides on how to navigate your way around, getting the most out of your visit with minimal disturbance to the seals. Don’t forget there are other species to be found hidden, scurrying in the sediment; adders and the natterjack toad being two excellent examples to keep an eye out for.
New Year’s Day visits to this coastline have become something of a tradition for people and the site can really get quite busy. The lowland heath, sand dunes and salt marshes that are so well associated with Nelson’s county attract plenty of people who want to have a stroll amongst the fine coastal geomorphological scenery. Speaking of Norfolk’s renowned naval tactician, a country pub bearing his name can also be found serving a long list of excellent beers; The Nelson Head is well worth a visit if you have the inclination for a decent pint.

Horsey Seals Norfolk Beach
Record numbers of seals have been recorded recently.

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Site designations:
Part of the Winterton – Horsey Site of Special Scientific Interest
Geological Conservation Review site
Special Protection Area
Special Areas of Conservation

What to wear:
It depends on the weather but prepare for sand

Best suited to:
Real ale lovers will enjoy the Nelson Head in Horsey

Horsey Seals Norfolk
Protected under the Conservation of Seals Act 1970.