Dersingham Bog

“To sail on a dream on a clear crystal ocean / to ride on the crest of a wild raging storm / to work in the service of life and living / in search of the answers to the questions unknown / to be part of the movement and part of the growing / part of beginning to understand”
From Calypso by John Denver

Dersingham Bog - A Tree Hugger's Paradise
Dersingham Bog – A Tree Hugger’s Paradise

Dersingham Bog is an acid valley, which makes a stroll across it sound like a psychedelic journey through inner-space. While there may be plenty of trees to hug (mostly Pinus Sylvestris or Scots Pine), you are more likely to see a Duke or Duchess than an old hippie, as this part of the world falls under the Sandringham Estate; world famous for being one of the homes of the British Monarch. We can’t all have the good fortune to be born of top notch, aristocratic stock, with a bunch of land to boot, nonetheless we all inherit the benefits of the natural world and the responsibility to protect it. Dersingham Bog is a really nice example of an ecologically interesting area that is fit for a queen but open to all. It is bordered on one side by an escarpment, which is a steep slope marking the edge of an ancient coastline. The bog itself is laden with Bog Mosses and contains some plants uncommon to this part of Britain, the most notable of which is probably the Drosera rotundifolia or Round-Leaved Sundew. The Sundew feasts on insects, which help the plant to make up for nutrient-poor soils.
In an obituary to country singer and conservationist John Denver The Independent wrote, ‘Sure he was a hippie, but he was one the whole family could enjoy’ and so perhaps the countercultural spirit isn’t entirely missing from this Bog, as the Friends of John Denver UK have installed a bench here dedicated to his memory. The bench overlooks the site and offers wonderful views that should be enjoyed first hand if you can get out there.

The John Denver Bench at Dersingham Bog
The John Denver Bench at Dersingham Bog

Site designations
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Special Area of Conservation


What to wear
Sensible shoes


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It’s a bog so children should be supervised


A February view from the John Denver bench at Dersingham Bog
A February view from the John Denver bench across Dersingham Bog